so stefan molyneaux the paladin-historian is looking for the way to make the world christmas 1914 forever. that is noble; it is emotional to even think about. i contend to know absolutely, to the core, the deep nature and truth of reality, and i still contend that. i am certain i know everything.

so! goddamnit i should be able to answer this question. he said he’s looked for over 40 years! everywhere! and he’s british canadian do you think he won’t find it? he has bloodhounds in his blood.

its a difficult question to be sure: what is the idea that will make man stop fighting forever? it must exist, for it happened, Christmas 1914, the opposing armies of world war 1 put down their weapons and sang and drank and played soccer in no man’s land together, embracing and connecting as brothers, after having fought viciously, and tomorrow will fight viciously again.

if you can distill and find that idea, you could usher in world peace, potentially forever. interestingly, this is also the great passion in my life: i wish to write the book, create the story, make the art, that re-structure our global culture into something that will naturally usher in true utopia. worldwide, endless, utopia, based on properly educating and shaping the minds and hearts of man. it would be amazing; the fucking crocodiles in the swamp would benefit from this level of realizing the true, deep, ridiculous, human potential.

so i’m with him. molyneaux his been blowing my mind lately, deeply, importantly coincidentally, law of attraction-style. while he passionately declared his calling in life in the middle of his world war 1 presentation, i felt like he was asking me, because i am the person who would know the answer to something like that.

unfortunately, i think the reason he can’t find it is because that idea does not exist. there is no idea that powerful, that could stop every war in its tracks and remind people of their deep brotherhood. it happened on christmas in 1914 because all the soldiers, deep down, shared a culture. they were christians, and europeans; they were the children of the same culture. but if the armies are from fundamentally different cultures, this moment won’t spontaneously happen like that, not ever. the hearts of the men are always still children, and christmas is a really, really, sacred and cherished holiday of the west. the most cherished. to a european, or an american, no war is more important than christmas. but to muslim, or a japanese nationalist, what the fuck do they care? they will crash their planes and trucks into our shit and hang santa halfmast from the flagpole.

but although this perfect, holy hand grenade of an idea is non-existent, that eternal 1914 christmas is most definitely a possibility! its an absolute certainty that it can exist, and it is my opinion that alien cultures have realized this perfect civilization; it is available to every being who has a soul, which is every soul, everywhere, in all nine million universes.

christmas 1914 also gives us a clue as to how it can be done: the method must be culture. it is the only force strong enough to do this, for it shapes the psychology of man. no amount of gold or pleasure will ever be as convincing as conditioning children’s minds from a young age. the question is: what culture do you instill in the children? and! how do you do it without being the government? if i was the government, i could just pull a yellow emperor, and demand everyone’s highest potential, make it mandatory to both dissolve at least 75% of the ego and levitate in order to graduate. its a shame the benevolent dictator never has a great method of choosing a successor, because the dictator is probably the best government there is: you just need an angel as king, or a sage, but they are rare and often have no desire for ruling others.

how do you do it without being the government is simple: art. if you make the hottest most incredible art, people notice it. shit, even mediocre art like hunger games and harry potter just BLOW UP. along with the marvel universe, and a little lord of the rings thrown in there with glittering angsty vampires, you have our modern mythology: romantic, exciting, imaginative, wholly confused, vacuous, lost, like a hamster spinning a wheel, in a enormous mountain-pile of hamster wheels: absolutely and forever, going nowhere, teaching the audience NOTHING.

regardless! it is art. art is powerful enough to overcome the state, and it endures through the ages, like 1984, like shakespeare, like the bhagavad gita and the bible. art endures.

what is the message to the children? man, i have many ideas, but i’ve never sat and thought this out: what exactly is the culture message? its the i ching: inner strength and outer gentleness, but its also learning to do it without a model, teaching the child, at the earliest possible age, accountability, and self-responsibility, and patience with moron adults who don’t get it, as well as obedience. this is a tall order for a kid. the truth about the nature of the soul would be incredibly helpful, but one’s godlike nature is a personal journey that relies on experience as proof, so i don’t know how you enlightened kids en masse by the time they’re 8. maybe also not possible without an established culture to instill these ideas.

imma think about this. great question stefan, a question worth answering.

the ancient unity of man, if somehow we are shared a deep, ancestral memory that we all could recall, that would be the idea. but there is nothing like that.

we may not be able to build a utopia together, but one could be taught how to build a personal utopia for themselves. this is even better. if one was taught the nature of their soul, the influence of their bodies, and the current state of the world, and the eternal movements of civilization, they could be taught to never need a government again, or a religion, for they will have the tools to dig for courage and happiness within.