so its about crafting the perfect lesson plan, eternium consortium style. for the child newly introduced into the #village, information is intense, events are easily alarming. i think bravery, self-bravery based on love is important. how early can that be introduced? self-reliance. men teach men, and women teach women. their roles in society are naturally different. its not discrimination, its biology. men get the bananas and make a circle, the women raise the children, and all is well. now, of course, anyone wishing to move in and out of these social norms is free to do so, but the biologically contructed norms of society need to be acknowledged. (a biologist steps out and supports idea with evidence)

knowledge of the soul. honest knowledge. forget about religious differences, and tell the kid the fucking truth: your soul is eternal! it is so powerful and full of love, that you are beyond life and death. this world is scary, but there is nothing for you fear, for you are eternal. just like there is nothing for me to fear.

what a world would grow from this center! child, you can always trust your heart. although this world will be painful at times, you can handle it, and your heart always knows what’s best. but don’t take my word for it. try it yourself. when you don’t know what to do, follow your heart, and feel love. not always easy, it won’t always work, you won’t always succeed, but love through encouragement — love through forgiveness, it conquers all things.

but now you’re in society. we live on a planet, and the planet is always in motion, thus we are always in motion. the peace and the prosperity of our country is dependent upon the people, even the smallest ones, like you son! you are part of this world. so remember your soul is god, and walk the path of love, and it will naturally bring you courage and moral accuracy. and (so im in the cauldron, the brewing civilization cauldron. don’t stop, don’t get scared, and most of all BRIAN: have fun! you fucking twat~)

iiiii like war games. i cannot get enough of them. i think i was a general once, but a over-romantic won who could’ve established a golden age but instead was gloriously killed in needless battle over some girl.

~some dumb bitch haha

use your divine powers of gentleness, patience, forgiveness, inner strength, fearlessness, to build and improve our civilization. now, one thing that is important to alwayss remember, ALWAYS, and FOREVER: work hard. we are doing this for each other, and most importantly, you are doing this for yourself. hard work strengthens you; when you work hard, you are being brave. its so attractive to be lazy, and sleepy, and do nothing, just remember: strength comes from nowhere. it comes out of the nothingness of your soul, out of nothing at all. that means, inside of yourself, you have exactly as much strength as you believe you have.

this is a weird fact, about strength, that it is entirely created out of NOTHING but your own will! and you can decide, deep down, to be afraid of nothing, no pain, no humiliation, no failure, NOTHING. nothing makes you scared. you can decide to be that strong at any time! and when your strength is gone, and you feel lazy and lethargic and you feel like you can’t even move, you’re right. you can’t move, you’re way too heavy for the world to move itself. only you can create strength for yourself. like, someone who has chronic fatigue syndrome, is just really depressed and lazy. their strength is sapped. this is normal. in that moment, you have to generate the strength from inside, by simply knowing or chanting, strength comes from nowhere. anytime you want it, you can make it, but it doesn’t make itself. the difference is  feeling like a victim of your laziness, or feeling responsible for your energy. give yourself that responsibility. know deep down that if you have no energy, its because you haven’t created it yet, you’ve been lazy.

this can be tested. think of something fairly easy you don’t want to do, like take out the trash right now. then think of something a little harder. like shave, or meditate for 30 minutes. idk. you’ll encounter that feeling, that makes you want to lie down, or eat food, or jerk off, just feeling weak. so there it is, you don’t to work out today. well duh. you never want to work out! you go when you’re feeling strong. and strength is inner love. when you appreciate who you are, what you stand for, what you’ve done, the kind of person you strive to be every day, acknowledging and respecting your own power, intelligence, courage; being forgiving of yourself being understanding of your weirdness; having your own back, at all times.

its actually your natural state, is effortless courage, absolute calm fearlessness, and thus total and complete freedom and joy! the happiness of the free beings cannot even be comprehended by this civilization. the modern world is so electronic and woefully intoxicated by the pleasure of the world. more today than maybe ever. so the happiness of the sage is lost in time; i see myself as a kind of shovel, for me and you; when i write, its inseparably for both of us.

anytime you want to be brave you can be. it is helpful to have a good reason to be brave as well, that is society’s responsibility to you.

so society and culture has a responsibility to its people. the child is not supposed to teach itself everything, thats impossible. so the culure must furnish the child with exactly the essentials, and nothing else. in the last nothing, the deep freedoms are spoken instead.

i accept.

teach children you have to say YES! to life. you can say no, but to success and be happy, and enjoy earth, you must say YES! even when its scary or it hurts, tell yourself, i can handle it.

youre doing it right when your emotions are powerful and available, yet under control.

i’m understanding now that psychology is a kind of magic; whatever the psychology of the children, that will be our future. its the confusing message they receive that perpetuates strife.

its so powerful, the shape of man’s minds, that it has the complexity, and mystery, that require the discipline of a martial arts master to understand. it is a lifelong pursuit, the practice, the art of the mind.

the mind is everything. it is everything. more so than i even thought. not only does the mind completely decide the state of your happiness, but it also determines the state of the world. the world is powerless against the psychologies of man. it is mind-magic; it is too powerful for trees and plants. we are super dangerous.

super dangerous and super self-confused is a proper combination for endless death. its good to be home in goth nihilistic we die and and die land. the energy in me is many many things, there are old personalities, from the ancient lai’e times, very dark, but deeply aware of the futility of life. that we, no matter what, burn and stave into nothing in the hot desert sands, completely obliterated.

what is wrong with annihilation?

ah: you have to write like this long enough until you understand yourself, and are ready to turn the writing outward. this is inward writing. thats why no one can read it. i’m not educating anyone, i’m learning about myself through writing.

so the only proper author is the one with a settled spirit? oh shit.

that makes a lot of sense though. this kind of world-shapery must come from a calm place. without confusion abouut self. only the writer who knows himself is a writer.

only the artist who knows himself is an artist.

you must know deeply what you want to say. your message does not confuse you, not anymore. you live it, so it is ease to explain, it is effortless to create, because you have become your ideals. this is the only way to write.

wow how eye-opening has life been lately. so much my left eye was so fucking itchy full terminator red last night it shot lasers through my floor.

so would that mean, you could weild the art itself and it would also not confuse you…? now that is a thought!

holy mother of god. imagine if all my shit-talking about reality being paint, i gain access to the energy that is the painter’s form.

i constantly underestimate the power of my consciousness. it is as if i am a thousand people all at once, but i’m only aware of brian. imagine if you had the collected wisdom of 100 people, having lived all those lives, the vast and deep perspective you would have, about love, about talent, about people, about society. exactly. this is the soul; full of beings that are secretly you.

imagine being all 5 power rangers at the same time. you’d fucking wreck the world and the emperors would bow at your feet for a thousand years. megazord would spontaneously assemble and disassemble in your presence, for you are #ranger itself. this is quite a different thing than a mere brian or bixby or bray human personalishort person.

so i imagine the skill of the actor is similar to this. acting is truth; the actor can emotionally and psychologically become other people, but all the characters are actually  also them, and the irony of believing the character is FAKE does not escape me.

that last paragraph isn’t exactly correct. its an experimental argument~

my writing is inward! holy motherfuck! of course! my philosophy is not stable; my spirit is not stable. that is why i write like this, internally exploring, getting lost, because i’m not ready to project, and speak outward. that takes clarity, that takes proper understanding of self. i do not have this however! i am developing it with every digital letter and every wavedash i wavedash~

this is a strange de-pressuring of writing. hahah i suddenly compeltely understand this isn’t writing for others. its for me, its about me. its a pile of confusion!

i’m a pile of confusion!

i don’t need my past writings. i am my past, my present, my future. meaning, my writing has not been ready, is not ready even now.

write calmly, with understanding, with purpose.

it’s not something you do, this practice is something you become.

the psychology has reached the proper level of clarity will spontaneously communicate itslef perfectly to anyone.

yes exactly. i am a mixture. i’m good at some things. oh brian, you don’t have to be good at everything to be valuable. you’re valuable already. the promise you have, your strength, your kind heart that thinks of everyone around him. that’s you brian.

it is me. my elbows itch.


so the hunters work with the government to train professional hunters who will repair the wildlife problems of our countries. i have an idea for the infrastructure as follows:

(you know, sin’ce i am an american, there really isn’t anything stopping me from doing this. just my own fear and laziness. definitely worth a shot.

(linked in to hunters worldwide, copy paste this message or improved version of it:

hello! so i have an idea for a wildlife reconstruction project that involves hunters working together with the government to come up with a long-term solution to the problems they know so well, with the government’s help for funding and training.

i’m looking to connect with hunters and outdoorsman just to hear what they think of an idea like this. like a crowdsourced EPA run my America’s hunters. i think there is even some pretty sexy PR from an idea like this.

i believe the american outdoors are in peril, and there are really skilled and knowledgeable people who love the wilderness and its animals who would do amazing things for our country if given the tools to do so; if they had a government-sanctioned infrastructure and some coordination amongst themselves, i think it could be effective, even super efffective!

if nothing else, its fertile ground for an epic award-winning movie. well call it Black Bears and Espionage. thank you for your time.


that’s one idea. another is homelessness in america, and specifically in my case, hawaii. hawaii’s homeless problem is bad, but abroad i think there is a homelessness issue, that will continue to worsen unless we act, and act properly and effectively. i am here to supply the proper way and help deliver the effect. ~writing feels like playing civilization 5 in real life. interesting.

use the newly emptied buildings by department stores and set up a company that leases property to make temporary homeless shelters, information centers, as well as start-up companies that are often used to employ the homeless, and get them up and functional again.

this is potentially a win win that is desperately needed, maybe especially for the leasers that are all in the goddamn tank because the commercial real estate market is fucked and falling. i believe there are over 1000 department stores that have closed in america in the last 8 months.

so into this vaccuum we push our idea to simultaneously help the homeless. PR is important for this, but i believe it would be very easy to convince people this is a good idea, and to have communities and company sponsorships behind it.

we can feed them house them; we will have enough buildings easy if we’re able to lease several at a time. we can gather information from them: homeless conditions, the current, first-hand causes of today’s homeless; and we can evaluate them, and both categorize them (mentally ill, alcoholic, so we may understand the proper treatment) supply what they need, whether that’s documents, drug rehab, and whatever.

on top of this, we re-start small business in all the closed buildings, and hire the homeless, as they reintegrate into society. it has real promise, i believe. i’m not an expert on human services, or this sort of civil engineering, but this will work.

and here is my best idea! a book that is 100% sunshine. only the very very best things, even more positive than the ashtravakra gita. written for today’s modern man, but i want to write a new ashtavakra gita type book.

the gita will be equaled. many books will never equaled. the gita is so deep and wondrous and liberating, its really all you’d ever need, if you can understand it.  but because its hindu, and its old, and its so spare and light of verse, its like reading the wind at times; gentle, promising, but elusive. modern man is a little too horny and electronic to crack open the ashtavakra gita on his own. it contains within all the power and the glory and the happiness in the world, and more! but they have no idea.

so! a key aspect of the gita is its generosity. it is almost an absolutely 100% positive book about your nature is god.

write that again. but in terms that resonate with this culture, this human being. its very doable, but it is also an extraordinarily difficult artistic feat.

also, mathematically expose Twitter as the extremely slanted, biased, free-speech suppressing deceptive platform it is. if you do it with math, no one can argue.

what twitter does is shadowban people that are right-wing, pro-trump, pro-wikileaks, and pump up establishment media and conformist thinking. the key is the blue checkmarks to followers ratio.

a blue checkmark is something you get when you’re a famous person, when you’re a celebrity, like beyonce, or donald trump, or hillary clinton, or lebron james, or the rock; a person legitimately a target of impersonation. so the tweeter can know who is the real slim shady. that’s it.

but! not it has this status, that it makes you someone, because you have to be someone in order for people to impersonate you; these cuck robot shills out there, they skip that middle part, the BE SOMEONE part, and skip straight into celebrity-dom.

these guys have like 5k followers. and they have a checkmark. and their posts are dogshit, boring, dull, uninspiring, often self-deprecating, frequently, even. and that is an insight into the average millennial tweeter.

and then there are those pro-life, hard-working, married, heterosexual, normal ass people who reject the media’s fabricated version of the world, and they have 55k followers. 175k followers, and no checkmarks. i’ve seen pizzagate-exposing girls with 35k followers, no check, and getting banned. my followers get deleted all the time: Ill get 5 new follows, and my total has gone down by 2. maybe that’s everyone but idk its a weird~

so the ratio is very telling on the attitude twitter has towards its. users. we don’t get a sense of control anywhere other than politics. twitter is heavily estlablishment politics. pro-obama, anti-trump, pro new york times garbage, garbage-loyal is twitter.

the grand irony is that Trump is the best thing that’s ever happened to them. 😀 #winning, and were gonna keep winning, #bigly.

there is an entire hilarious documentary lying here within twitter, that could esaily be exposed because all these people are. right out there to examine. you could construct an accurate model of the typical psychology of the different twitter users, as well as twitters overall method of administration and control. they engage in free-speech suppression, but few know about it, because they have the tools to suppress free speech!

free speech suppression is the beginning of the end, every time. that is why it is guarded by the guns of the 2nd amendment. the american system is proper.

i must accept that it is painful to inform yourself; the world is easier to exist in the less you know about it. becoming competent requires awareness, but awareness results in understanding of injustice and lies and corruption present everywhere, and the true precariousness of life.

ejjesaspjddjawnvurkkkkkk klpeinighmashalalalalah

fear. looking into the fabric and realizing much of life has been a lie, and the truth is clouded in intentional illusion confusion.

snoop dogg is an incredibly talented artist, one of the best, and hes probably a good dad. but he is not informed in the state of the world. he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about at all. many celebrities are out of touch, so ultra-protected by our culture, that they cant relate to the problems of the typical citizen. not to mention their incessant, career-driven virtue-signaling. it is frustrating because celebrities have extraordinary powers of the masses; they believe their movie and music heroes, these “heroes” wield their influence arbitrarily and very wastefully; celebrities could, through their art and public influence, reform the planet, transcending governments and religions. art is the most powerful of all; for a government to be successful, it must include forms of art, i.e. propaganda; the same is the case in religion, with scripture poetry, cathedrals, and stain glass windows. the ART is PARAMOUNT!

(how to know? the ego is based on nothing; it is based on convincing others; personal experience relies on no one, and removes one’s soul from the dangerous world of reputation competition.)

this is very much like a man being the BEAST, and a woman being the beauty. they must work together to be the ultimate form of themself:

how to christmas 1914. see, that day reveals the illusion of the necessary nature of violence and war. we can NEVER fight again, if we build civilization correctly. civilizations are built on the psychologies of the generations, and those are built by the culture.

culture is the single most important force on the planet. it shapes everything, for everyone, including trees and lizards and rivers, everything. for example, japan has no mythology of a fallen nature, thus they treat nature with more reverence than the west, in their art, in their daily lives.

what is culture? well the human experience on earth is divided into two things: your nature, and your environment. your nature consists of your animal body, and your infinite soul, and their interaction and influence upon one another; this is much concerned with the nature god, evolution, and biology. the other, the environment, is human civilization, and the world.

civilization is the result of culture, for buildings and governments and society is build by people, using their minds; whatever shape that mind makes, so will the civilization. they’re interchangeable words in most ways.

so culture/civilization is 2 things: governments, and religion. governments are concerned with administrating the animal nature of man, and the religion is concerned with developing the human soul into a proper form, happy and productive.

there is the power streak throughout all of human history, the ones at the top exploit the ones below, and this has viciously limited the rise of man through time.

with a limited, transparent government, focused solely on administration and public safety, protections of freedoms, and a religious system that properly informed peopleas to the true nature of the soul, a real society could begin. a utopian society, which is the destiny of all intelligent life in the universe. the utopian, perfect, planetary paradise that endures indefinitely.

it might only take just the one generation, in an technologically advanced time like ours. if one man, or woman, was to reach the tip top, like president, and be a perfectly informed enlightened super-ruler from the ancient times, they could establish an awareness in the people, which will self-regulate the evolution of man, and thus the self-regulation of power and weapons, because the psychologies of man itself could be changed. just one time, one person, one guy. i could do it, but idk if it will be me. not exactly what i want to do, but tbh i really don’t know what i want to do.

every day is choice. you can say no to the world, you can, but man is a moving being; it will not make you happy. for whatever reason, standing in place frustrates me.

i believe  the information is out there: GASP! start the utopia project. crowdsourced, but admin’d by me, because it is my idea and project, and i know the direction.

so what you do is, the information to create the perfect society is out there: it is. its buried within the ancient tomes and secret scriptures of mankind from around the world. in today’s modern age, we share our ancestors. now, i know the center already, but what i need is the evidence, the deep research, and the time to compile the proper thing, its architecture.

I’ll need that to pitch this as an investment, which is my idea: okay go!:

so, to built ultimately takes the reshaping of people minds, globally. the only thing powerful to do this is art, so it is art that will be used, multiple times, if necessary.

the re-shaping of minds means molding the psychologies of people who are young, and reasoning with the psychologies of people who are older. with age comes wisdom, and if the truth is true, wisdom always resonates with it. god is infinitely old, and infinitely young.

i have to calm my spirit, and give up the game of winning, forever. i am like a lake that has been vexed for 20 years; i am in such a state of violence and confusion, it might take a long time to calm down, but i can’t write from within a tempest. i must feel the eyes of my heroes and enemies on me at all times, and write anyway.

some of my favorite thinkers fundamentally disagree with me, and what i hold to be most certain and true about my entire existence. that is scary. i contend to know better than world-famous thinkers.

what if im wrong? what if im informed? what if i’m wrong about god? it is a fair question.

into this no amount of research or ambition will ever be enough; i will never overcome competition by winning. even if you win forever, you will be pre-occupied with thoughts of winning even in peace, and your mind will never be calm. this is the influence of the third animal chakra of power.

so the greek philosophers never reached the same deep level of soul awareness that india reached, and i contend its because it was too warm, too pleasant. and more importantly, they didn’t have the fucking Himalayan mountains near them. to have something so inconcievably huge and perilous and unapproachable, even to this day, that would do a lot to a wondering philosophical soul.

but what if im wrong? the books can’t help my anymore; this is a journey for the soul. i must walk straight off the earth, believing in the wings of god, knowing i will fly, but not really knowing yet, for i haven’t flown.

start with proposing utopia as a possibility. visually describe it. explain the modern world is a garbage version, a total failure.

contained within is simultaneously the key to all your own strength and happiness in your life. everything. everything you’ve ever wanted to know is within. what is god? what is love? what is death? what is my purpose? ALL OF IT is contained within. this book has the potential to end your confusion forever, and all of reality will suddenly make perfect sense to you; you’ll be a wonder walking upon the earth, like some of our ancestors before us.

human beings have no excuse for not having a perfect society. all the information is here, all of it; the truth of existence, man, god, civilization, science, has existed for thousands of years, hidden and buried beneath our confusion of a culture. now, in the information age, it is more important than ever to SOLVE THE RIDDLE OF MAN. we are so connected, that it can finally be done; and our weapons are far too dangerous; it must be done.

its an adventure though, learning the nature of reality, its not what you might think, but at the same time, it will be familiar to you. the destiny of man, and the universe’s heart, they are the most beautiful things, so beautiful they are almost beyond a human’s capacity to experience.

nothing is more powerful than the truth about yourself. nothing is more powerful than knowing the nature of your soul. and no truth is more beautiful, suprising, impossible, and such a relief to finally know. all confusion about life and success and death and fear melt away in the face of this truth.

known and public domain and free for thousands of years! and yet the smartest people on earth don’t even know, the most powerful people miss it completely.

i am the one who knows. but i must practice not needing to say it to anyone. i am so proud, so concerned with GLORY. i am obsessed and juiced to the tits with a hunger for GLORY.

honesty will lead us to the truth. honesty within. because god is effortless, it is learning how to let go that is important. but sometimes we don’t even know were holding on to something; we believe ourselves to be relaxed, when in reality we are clinging with all our strength.

the truth has been there all this time, the hidden road to paradise. but almost no one knows, or believe it, because our culture is not here to help us. civilization can never be trusted to tell you the truth. you must be your own compass, and all the world is the sea. friends, family, government, who knows who to trust? you do.the individual soul is the perfect compass, and the world is merely an illusion, a traveling magic show.