my life is suddenly so potentially different~

like, at any moment, all new growth could slip from me with one aberrant thought. it has happened many times.

oh the power that sleeps within us all. the mind heart approaches the subtle reality of the suchness, and it will occur to you that~ you are the mountain and the center, and you exist eternally, invincible, untroubled by pain and death, soaking in the majesty of creation, light and color and wonderful feelings all around you; the universe whirls you up in a sea of multiplied love.

THAT is who you are. but being embodied as a human, it is so difficult to know this, your nature is pure bliss, but what the FUCK. yeah right. right? RITE

I promise that you are an eternal soul. you may not know, but I do. It is real. I know for a fact that am an eternal presence; but it is only true if we all are an eternal presence; which we are. ❤

it is indisputable.

there is a tremendous presence here in the world: pain and suffering. what’s weird is, people are so consumed by fears of pain and desires for pleasures that they can’t hear you at all. they hear nothing but the winds of their lives. you know?

I was born on earth to explode and defeat evil. but defeating evil makes no difference. life is a video game, and just like a video game, it is more fun and meaningful when you truly love it.

even when you know you have no responsibilities to creation, and are utterly free, you still hurt because you love things, and so when they are in danger, you also become afraid. ironic!

I am a very competitive egoistic person. so my favorite thing to tell myself is: Brian, let god surprise you. ❤

god protect you my HOMIES