There is an illusion, a lie, deep within our world. It’s everywhere, and it touches all of us. It is, quite possibly, the greatest lie ever told. The Poison Tree has bloomed indeed. It has come between you and all your desires. It is time to expel that illusion forever!

But first let me ask you: are you often tired? Feeling lazy, weak exhaused? Can’t wait to get home after work? I know that feeling. And it’s not just you: its everyone, its everything.

Life is hard, life is inexorable; life wears everyone out, for life functions within the framework of time, and time wears everything out, even the very stars. Its a natural thing to feel whelmed by living. In the pirate’s code, it is said that Life it pain, and indeed it is. It is taxing, at all times, to be alive. slowly usurps us, wears us out, causes us to fail, to worry, to die.

Nothing in the world is out to protect you; reality eats itself over and over again. Thus, throughout time, all human civilizations have experienced exhaustion; Buddhists call this the World of Fire; to be alive is to burn forever. Simply by being born, a life is destined to succumb to weakness, and suffer.

But some people, the strong ones, can change their life, transmute suffering into adventure, and turn defeat into victory; they are able to will forth inner reserves of strength and overcome insurmountable odds. In a strong person, bravery and conviction naturally arise, his power deepens until it becomes irresistable, and his world falls under his command.

There truly are people like this out there, alive today: the strong and successful number in the millions! It not a rare thing, so why not you? What is the difference between you and them? Are they born strong? Is it their upbringing? Is it God’s hand moving us all on mysterious paths? Why does Fortune smile her fickle smile upon one and not another?

She doesn’t. It is none of those things. Strength is not a destiny. Many born into misfortune went on to become amazing, successful people, legends. The powerful and famous have come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all colors, all gods. The power to succeed is not of this world; it is simpler than that.

Being strong is not a talent, the product of hard work, or luck, or experience; it a choice. The difference between a weak man and a strong one is a strong man chooses to be strong, over and over again, he chooses to be strong. When they turned and look upon the same fears, the weak said, “I can’t do it! I can’t face it! Its too scary!”

For the strong, the fears are no different, they make the choice to be brave. The strong, although equally petrified, say “fuck it” and go on ahead, trembling with terror, but they go on ahead. They choose to be strong when it mattered, and thus they overcome the great illusion of weakness, achieve victory, and fulfill all their desires.

You can make the choice to be strong. That’s all it is: it’s a choice. People make this choice without even being aware of it; general society has forgotten that strength is a choice. Popular culture encourages a belief in things like talent, luck, destiny; but the truly successful and powerful people in the world know this to be an illusion. That you “can’t” do something.  That is the great illusion of our lives.

But what good news! How simple! That means it’s never too late, because the strength you need you achieve your dreams is a choice. You can choose, after a lifetime of being rundown, sad, out of energy just like I was, you can choose to be strong. The next time you’re afraid, you’ll become aware of this subtle moment: the choice. What will you choose to do? Will you choose to roll over, cower before the frightening world, and give up on yourself? Or will you, deep in your soul, decide that you are strong, believe it, feel it, the lightning of infinity beginning to glow in your eyes? Will you charge into the storm that is Life, fearless as the Thunder God himself?

Make the choice to be strong. Make the choice to feel strong.

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