i have an idea on how to properly re-establish the proper sexual interaction of the world. what exactly is the role of the male and the female? what is true neo-feminism? the woman is the absolutely worshipped, goddesslike beautiful being. she can be as beautiful as she wants, and we don’t get to touch her unless she lets us. that means, the woman can torture us forever, with their supernal and exquisite nature, and we embrace it.

an incredibly beautiful girl is very easy to spot. and we the men, simply worship them, wish we could fuck her brains out. she goes on being lithe and dressing slutty because she LOVES being desired, and wanted, and lusted after by men. it is the destiny of a woman to be fucked into oblivion by a man who actually deserves her.

so the woman is crazy, irresistably hot, and the man must just sit there, and worship. love is when you say, yes you can torture me. meaning, we say YES, be super fucking HOT woman. be as hot as you want! and ill just sit here and adore you until you adore me back, and then im holding you down and fucking your brains out~

thats is feminism is bullshit because no one wants to be a fat pale potato with green hair. no one. no one wants to be that, no one wants to fuck that. that is a thrall costume. elites put it on you because their game is ACTUAL DESPAIR. if they can keep you from any happiness whatsoever, and get you to accept that life, you are their slave forever.

he wants her, and hes allowed to want her, but he has to earn her. current culture is a failure at illuminating the actual nature of man and woman. they are SO different from each other about as different as possible.

yin yang i ching comparison.

sexual energy.

the proper form of a woman. the proper form of a man.

current culture destroys all of this. bring up stats on terrible impotency, suicide, obesity, depression, etc.


as men become more powerful, they also become more dangerous. but before you wield that power, that violence, you should practice NOT wielding it.

a man is a not always a giant hairy sweaty mess. we are twisted steel and panther piss. we are polite, intelligent, tactical, philosophical beings, but underneath we’re an absolute fucking monster of passion and power. god what is sexier than that? i get a boner just thinking about men like that existing~

picture wolverine, but in a suit, and his hair is combed. we’re polite, gentlemanly, sophisticated, fucking absolute raging horny animals.

but todays’ culture does not teach any of this. it teaches gender neutrality, gender equality, and diversity, toxic masculinity and transexual rights. and look! look at the monsters it has created!

they’re truly horrific.

and they’re also suicidal and super depressed.

our culture has gone into the goddamn slimy amorphous shitter, because our culture has been corrupted by elites that seek to rob us of all our strength and happiness. through political correctness, identity politics, and globalist horseshit, they want to take from every human being what makes them either strong or happy, because then we can be controlled forever.

a beautiful, emotionally mature, confident woman, especially when symbiotically paired with a strong, fearless, highly intelligent male, that is a huge danger to them. because they have the whole goddamn world already. they have the best sex, they have the best family, they have the best inner strength, they reinforce each other with their love and support each others strange totally different existence. they need nothing from thr outside world. that is a massive MAJOR fucking threat to any corrupt, establishment based on weakness and control. like a meteor through a butter earth, and imagine millions of these wretched families, the vampirearchy face obliteration.

so people need to wake up to what’s acutally happening with this culture, especially my generation.

if people simply listened to me, all the world’s could be solved.

but i am not unique. the world has no shortage of teachers; there is a shortage of ears.

i am absolutely a creation of my ancestors, spread throughout the world and throughout the ether of history.

rhonda the rhododendron. pulse through the pink. establish carnival one. raise carnival one. communication with the caravansary is compromised! wish for fish, but chase the ace of space. ?

this is an interesting time of millions of digital voices rising together. social media has made each of us louder than the earth. it will difficult to stand out. 100 years ago, all you had to do was stand out in your town, and everybody would be pretty talented at something; there was more ego balance to go around, there was a subsistent culture around adoration and respect. now, ultra-celebrities are the only ones who get it, and the rest of the masses envy them. and the ultra-celebrities vascillate between boredom dancing, as confused as the rest of us.

make the monarch butterfly fly. can’t we canter towards the tourist vans?

at least i am recognizing when the writing is bad! this is a new and proper skill, a result of the repudiation of a bloodthirtsy ego?

the intelligence stands no chance against the glory and might of the emotions. i might perfectly know the road home, back to god, but the broken heart can burn the world to nothing.

life is primarily an emotion mystery, as fighting is a psychological mystery, not a physical one. the physical is the most easily known realm. the mind is harder; the heart, harder still.