the soul has an itinerancy that goes beyond lives. that means, if the journey a bamboo stick, death is a node, followed by another node, followed by another. death punctuates us, the journeying soul, but we were born rambling’ men, we just ramble right through.

oh the soul is so eternal! don’t you see? all the confusions of the world can be suddenly fitted together and solved, by knowing the nature of the soul.

it is eternal! it is infinite! you are eternal and infinite. logic and science have become our new gods, but they cannot exist beyond into the #magisphere; they cannot go where god walks, beyond space and time. but not beyond love, or beyond the deep meditation of a human being.

the body is very connected to your spirit. it poetically manifests itself from the ideas and memories of your energy. you are like the electricity that runs through the T-1000 terminator. your body can take on whatever form, but the form will ultimately your heart and mind.

we do not have time for the petty games of science! I do have great respect for science, but humans suffer everywhere, all day, everywhere. the culture of the world, the whole world, is a collective confusion. in this mess, messes are made, like me, and you, and millions of others. on top of having fractured models for utopia, we have the ever-present shadow-government, which seeks to always weaken and emotionally damage us into thralls that can’t rebel. where is the help of science! science is being masturbatory, science leads to simply more fucking science.

of course, there have been the Great Advances of Science. medicine, etc. and thats true. we also have the new threat of instantaneous nuclear annihilation. we never had that before. and the controls are put EXACTLY where the most corrupt, power-hungry people tend to gather.

its as if super-intelligent animals, like us, inexorably insist upon their own destruction. how strange, but we do! the weak and the greedy will, if given the opportunity, enslave all of us, and then they’ll go on to enslave the entire biosphere. however, their model eventually destroys them, every time. like the fall of Rome. its a system that can’t work forever, because even if the elite rule for thousands of years, they’ll never be happy. and the slaves will still experience happiness, but they will not. they look deeply into the power sphere of the stomach, of the ego, of success failure and dominance, and they can’t look away. they believe deification is in there somewhere.

I believe these people, like Hillary, Obama, Soros, the pope, etc. have gone so far away from their heart center, all they can recall about life is power. the heart center is the source of the feeling of oneness with others, which is true joy, so they’re just miserable monsters, searching deeper and deeper into selfishness and material force, like money, like influence, like bombs. they want it all. they must be close, they think. people all envy and want what we have, they say. I know way to become god is ahead somewhere.

they are super unhappy, but they are also extremely dangerous to us, the regular people, hanging out, you know, having families and barbecues. pretty easy shit to have a normal life.

this culture is so terrible, it makes people believe that god is not real, and that happiness is difficult. if a child was raised with perfect mythology from ages 0 to 8, they would be a supernaturally smart and joyous being. 100% without a doubt. its the world we pile upon our perfect soul that makes us suffer so. as a child, there is no world yet. we could preserve that consciousness, pure and intact, out of infancy and into early childhood.

holy shit if people only understood the POWER that is present in their heart-mind energy, in the soul.  existence is a deeply wonderful place, and constantly surprising.