the problem earthling is the human. the human is more powerful than he is wise, like a kid in a tank, goggles on, weapons armed. occasionally we do throw a chainsaw party, and shoot our guns, and ruin a portion of the earth. thousands of years of this sort of behavior has led to our current civilization, wholly corrupted and confused.

in order to establish a proper utopia, two things must be done: the people of earth must properly understand their nature, and understand our culture, and the purpose of culture.

our nature is the infinite soul. god and man are one. god and woman are one. the soul is the infinite being that gives us all our life, our awareness, and our love. embodied as an animal, we behave like an animal, influenced by our animal instincts: survival, sex, and dominance.

our culture is a collection of many tribal and regional traditions and civilizations an philosophies all smashed into one another, grinding and battling, and changing one another, like the war-opera of coral reefs beneath, fiercely slinging their intestines at each other along their borders, devouring each other alive, forever.

this is our culture. its a collection of many conflicting cultures: the major religions, the traditions of the major countries, science and technology, and money. everyone has different ideas about what is valuable, what is right, what is horrorshow, and how to fix the horrorshows.

its a very tangled situation. but as the aliens have taught us for millions of years, true strength and true wisdom is when you can make your world peaceful. that is difficult to do. to war and scheme and fuck girls and make money is the easy civilization to have; its gorillas in the jungle, fighting for bananas; the laser and steel version of beasts in the wild, fighting over food, territory, and women.

goddamn dirty apes!

its accidental that our culture is not peaceful and sucks. we’re not trying to make it better. we’re collectively ignoring it, chasing money and fame and the miracles of technology, forgetting the ancient roots of our traditions. so its a tangle: technology on buddha, science vs hebrew god, government vs faith, brother vs brother. do you see the problem? if culture and mythology are not properly built, they don’t function, and civilization implodes upon itself.

the function of culture is to give the human being three centers in his world; a physical center, a social center, and a spiritual center (they are sublty one center). first, you explain the reality of her situation:

yes hello newborn twentysomething. first i will tell you of the creation of the universe. about 12 billion years ago, there was a mysterious — and possibly quite loud — creation event in which the matter of the universe was born. its shot out everywhere, like a flower blooming at the speed of light, and scattered the dustseeds of protocreation throughout the silent darkness of space. the seeds swirled together and became stars. stars burn bright and dim, and like you and me, they live and die. when they die, sometimes they explode. a cosmic, holy supernova, its might beyond imagination, capable of rippling space-time itself! yes the power of #shethelord!

those pieces of exploded star spiral off into space. eventually, out in the middle of nowhere, they came together, perfectly, to form the sun, our most beloved star.

our sun is the father of our planet, for through the heat and gravity of the sun, the earth was born from dead rock and ice. after millions of years of forging, the earth was perfectly shaped, and supplied with the necessary amounts of carbon, oxygen, and gold, and mother earth awoke. deep in a lavatube, the hot slime rippled and bacteria burst forth into life. it spread across the earth. she opened her eyes and all the sea creatures and trees grew from her crust the foundation. this took billions of years.

life evolves. it has always evolved, because evolution itself predates life. the universe, and her stars and clouds and planets evolved tremendously before earth-life began. life is a creation of the universe, and thus shares a universal nature.

eventually, earth-life evolved into us, you and me, our species the human being. it evolved into all the life you see around us today, tigers pine trees sparrows tornadoes, and the chinese. hahaha~ we are animals, because we are the life of the earth. we are more one thing, than many separate things.

now, there are religions out there, that contest this truth. they say the earth is much younger, created by god, evolution is not real, its a lie of science. this perspective is the unfortunate consequence of adhering to old traditions. christianity, islam, judaism, they’re very old, written thousands of years ago, with very limited scientific understanding. so the teaching of the religions, in this respect, are wrong. creationism is quite simply, impossible. its silly, really. but people believe it. and the reason why is because they believe everything in the book must be true in order for their god to be real.

that’s the real reason why there is contention between science and religion, because people feel their spirituality is under attack by scientific pursuit. if the bible is proved wrong, then their god is not real, so many people defend it to the point of insanity, but understandably so. in their eyes, you’re going after their spiritual center, its the most important part of them, they are willing to defend through delusion.

if only someone could explain to them that their god, IS real, and his existense doesn’t depend on a book being right! the books are fucking old! shit people had NO IDEA how the planet formed, or that it was planet, or what the fuck a planet is, in 500 B.C. they had NO IDEA so they came up with a story to explain, like mine earlier. you see that the scientific description of earths creation, is really a lot like a forging fire, powered by father sun, to create his first, and only, and most cherished daughter earth, and as a result, we his grandchildren the children of the earth and the sun.

that is exactly true, but obviously you know that the sun is a star, and not actually a father. and yet! poetically, the sun IS our father, isn’t he? the bright #yellow father indeed.

so that’s what it is: its the poetic explanation of the universe, something like the book of genesis, or the norse creation myths. its not real. its not science, but it is emotionally and poetically accurate and helpful.

the human psychology is the landscape of monsters and gods, not reality. reality is matter, physics, space time. our dreams and our hearts are full of gods and goddesses and wisdom and love and evil; reality itself is a pretty simple, two plus two sort of thing.

so none of the creation myths, including christianity, are accurate, but god is definitely real. no doubt about it. the god of the christians is real. sure as thunder, he is here.