so there is a problem in the world, specifically a psychological problem concerning gender identity. now, the new progressive idea is that gender is a choice for people, an absolutely sacred right to proclaim you’re a woman if you have a man’s body.

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although it sounds crazy to proclaim you can decide your gender, its not completely inaccurate. a woman can be in a male body, and vice versa. but that is also an incomplete understanding; just to contemplate that question reveals that our culture and society is confused, specifically confused about one thing. this is not a gender identity issue: this is confusion about the human soul.

the human soul is male and female. every soul. think about it: every single person knows a boy more feminine, not necessarily gay, than other boys. and girls more masculine than other girls. personalities manifest with a certain mixture of male and female energies, then the body is added.

the body is an extremely powerful influence on a soul. it has a biology that is built through billions of years of evolution, or genetic memory. so your instincts are very strong, and simply reorient most souls to be primarily masculine, if embodied as a boy; or feminine, if the body is a lovely girl.

so yes there is a conflict. there is a great confusion, for some souls, throughout their dream-like experience of their multiple lives, build a personality so strong it is not as affected by its body. so you get a woman who still feels a lot of masculine energy, thus she is different than the others who simply accept the influence of their human bodies.

this is what a gay man is, or a lesbian, or a bisexual. actually, all beings are bisexual; your soul energy is infinite, both creatively and experientially. an experientially infinite being means you can feel and become anything. and i mean fucking anything, hence the cosmic-impossible experiences people have in psychadelic states. but this also means you have both the female and male energy inside of you — you the being, you the awareness — and so its possible, at any time, for a man to suddenly feel feminine, sensitive, gentle, soft, emotionally aware, beautiful. or for a woman to suddenly feel powerful, and dominating, fast, tactical.

male and female energy create the universe between them. some things, like night, bird feathers, and the night flowers are yin, they are female, they are dark, soft, yielding, submissive. and, claws, rocks, volcanic eruption, and the burning sun, and the brilliance of the day, is male. bright, and hard, and giant.

but the consciousness is a non-existent thing. your awareness lies beyond the boundaries of duality; it must, for how else could you experience both yin and yang? your soul is beyond the boundaries of yin and yang; you can experience both, and so we have gender confusion is our culture.

sadly, this information about the soul is not well known, for historic, social, and cultural reasons. the reason very very few people know the nature of the soul is because its been hidden beneath the various warring ideologies — religions and governments, the inner worlds and outer worlds of man. the truth of the soul is a quiet thing, like a book in the dark corner of a room of some forgotten, ruinous church. it just waits there, deeply hidden in the labyrinth of broken human worlds, hidden, exactly where she should be. for the inquiry into the soul is a personal journey. you can’t take your government with you, or your friends, or even weirdly your religion. these can be guides for you, like townspeople who supply the hero at the base of the giant king’s mountain: they can prepare you, but they cannot go with you.

so that means that even my words go nowhere, without you to take them and try them, bite them, call them bullshit. you will encounter for yourself, the dual, non-dual, infinite nature of your own soul. you will immediately learn a tremendous amount about yourself, suddenly recall bizarre memories, and remember your strength.