the point here is utopia. culture needn’t shit such a shat on us all, for we engineers culture ourselves. we create it together, like a mural we all follow, living life as a moving paintbrush. we should be mindful of that: together we are creating culture, and what power we possess! for culture is, without question, the most powerful force on earth.

it is from culture that our governments, our religions, and our psychology form. culture is directly linked to murder rates, oppression, poverty, art, everything! if as a species, we concentrated on improving culture with objectivity and honesty, we could live in a state of perpetual paradise. UTOPIA IS SO POSSIBLE. it is so possible. sigh i wish i could scream like a proper galactic banshee, vex the #superstrings themselves into trembling with the #ttruth so people on earth might wake up~

technology is helpful, but it is meaningless of itself. like a bridge to another land, it means nothing all on its own; its what you do, here and there, that is important. technology has shaped us as a species into a more powerful animal, but so what? using technology to deepen our wisdom, now thats the shit. but who does that? i’d say, 10% of people use the internet primarily for education; the other 90% use it for porn and facebook, usually at the same time.

entertainment is wonderful, but the weak will hide in entertainment, a sleepy lovely gossamer cloak between them and the world, bedraggled bedrowned by comfort, entranced into fugue by the fun and humor of tv / netflix / celebrity whateverness. entertainment is used as a form of escapism. ironically, the indulgent are the most vulnerable and defenseless of us all for avoiding the problem of ever-present strife in life.

education should be about acknowledging the difficulties of life, and accepting them. that’s usually the first real step, because often you’ll find, suddenly, you have the energy and the self-belief to achieve new things; the old you can’t hang with the new you, fiery and marching, drum-dancing, uncontrollably lighting dynamite. psychologically.

religion is a landscape of confusion, intense, violent, emotional confusion; peoples egos are very wound up in their religious beliefs. its absurd in many ways, because religions are from thousands of years ago. so much of the science, geographical understanding, the maturity of culture and our interconnectivity — more complete and instantaneous than any other time on earth — all these things have made much in old religious texts obsolete. how to live in civilization, the understanding of other races and nations, the creation of the universe, much concerning the nature of god: obsolete. but not everything; most religions have fundamentally the correct idea about god, but the interpretations and permutations of generations holding and reading the words have spiraled out, tentacled out into all sorts of aberrant disaster faiths like jehovah’s witnesses and Rock and Roll Christianity.

so we can fix our planet, socially, governmentally, financially, environmentally, in every single way! we can make it perfect! I contend we can! and i will explain how! i promise! its here! holy shit a brick! just read goddamnit. and if i end up a total quack at the end, and have convinced you of absolutely nothing, than come find me and shoot at me a missile to the dick. ill deserve it.

it starts with an honest understanding of our current culture, as well as what it is to be a human being.

simply, a human being is an animal of earth, animated by the energy of the universe. everything is animated, powered like electricity, by the universal energy. its nature is mysterious, beyond logic; its identity is you, your consciousness, and your soul; people also call it god. it is truly beyond any name, for it is void, but it is also all. and its you. its a confusing sort of thing, the god-soul is. anyway~

culture is the meta-construct of the human animal. it is the framework with which humans are psychologically built. culture shapes the minds of each human being, one way or another. now, proper understanding of the nature of a human being — specifically its animal nature — would help engineer culture into a proper tool for a deep wise powerful enlightening education. a correct culture is built out of understanding the timeless principles that drive us, the animal human.

unfortunately, today’s culture is a mess. its not doing this, its just a big shitstorm, a junkpile made of milleniums and wars and violence and spiritual epiphany and love; its a chaos; its a leaning tower of labyrinths all thrown haphazardly atop one another like pancakes, and we walk through, totally unaware of its complex, confused, disastrous current state. thus our people are complex, confused, in a dasastrous state they don’t understand. people are enfeebled, not strengthened, by today’s collective global culture.

if these two things — our nature and our culture — can be accurately illuminated, the road to utopia suddenly appears; the clouds of animal-terror misery rage commercialism part and the golden road through the sunlit, thundering planes of god is revealed and the way to the mountains of your soul await before you, snowy with mystery and joy. and yetis.

so that is what i will do. easy. ill just get it out there in a big ole mess because that’s how i write: with a spoon, in the soup.

you can’t stop me. ❤