this was a mistake. songdragons are imagined beings; their blood does not exist. the blood is not poisonous, it’s being-shattering, its mindblowing. tasting the void can’t happen, but the young emperor tasted the void. his eyes rolled out of his head, blood poured from his mouth and he fell unconscious. for 15 years

as he’s dreaming his strange death, his younger cousin becomes regent while the emperor’s son grows up. he’s 2 at the time.

so the younger cousin, Mel, he’s pretty good at empire running. the country is struggling without the emperor; he had divine control of the sky, and now there is a drought and lightning fires as he dreams.

barbarians up north start raiding the borders

on top of that a supervillain from the sky comes, infinitely fast and ultra strong and made of light, vowing to destroy not only Mel’s cousin’s empire, but all of planet earth!

Mel thinks, shit well this isn’t good at all

meanwhile, when Mel meditates, he has visions of his older cousin, the emperor, dreaming horrors and fears and the voice of the songdragon echoes through Mel’s mind, the guilt of killing a dragon, the sadness, the inevitability of death.

the supervillain from the stars begins by calling down heavy heavy rains, and winds, to destroy the castles and make the plants grow back. he is from the heart of the universe. he can control the sky too. he knows of the eternal energy beneath the weak and silly forms of time, like humans. he vows to annihilate them all so the true glory of the universe will be revealed. he is Artranix, the Plague, a Laughing God-Jester from the Garden of Time.

people call him Tranny