this world is a zone of duality. earth and sky. life and death.pancakes and syrup. good and evil. all things are pairs of opposites here. myths, and dreams, and religions often suggest there is a transcendent reality, or a god, beyond this life. yes. there is:

the transcendent reality is beyond pairs of opposites. it is even beyond being and nonbeing. existing and not existing. it is both! it is neither. it can be described only by metaphor, for the transcendent is beyond all concepts and thought! the favorite metaphor is god. god is a symbol, an image, to be used as a guide.

but describing the transcendent always sounds weird forreal. but describing it is not what is important. you are what’s important! you! how you get there, to the transcendent, to experience the transcendant, is whats important. and this is how:

first, you take this journey on your own. no one can do it for you. it is your effort, and your will. you are the hero/heroine to yourself.

you must find the tree of immortal life. 🌲 it grows in a garden. at the entrance of this garden, there stand two guardians:

fear 👹 and desire 👋😍. a pair of opposites. the tree glows there, her branches heavy with the fruits of eternity. shebeckons you, and you are welcome, don’t fear them.

when a human being maintains a consciousness that is unmoved by fear of death and whatever, and unmoved by the lust for life and all the pleasures of life, one passes right between.

this is also done by affirming all of life, and existence. suddenly you say to existence: I don’t need you to be good, or moral, or pretty, to accept you. I accept you! in all your beauty and horror and pain. life is sorrowful, and thats okay with me. thus, you pass right between.

how you find the gate is apparently very simple: follow your bliss. go towards your deep happiness and don’t let fear of failure or desire for money stop you!

so after your great adventure, you enter the garden. and you (like buddha like jesus) sit beneath the tree and eat its fruit; and shatter forever the greatest duality in a human life: man and god. this is a duality! but the true nature is: man and god are one. woman and god are one. man and woman are one. all is one! two is not real.

you are the universe. you and I are one. our true nature is beyond time. beyond death. beyond beyondness! ah but these are just words. they get you nowhere. you must go on your adventure to experience your blissful true nature. words are empty and silly. feel, don’t think. and no one can feel it or find it for you.

and that’s pretty much it! that’s every myth. that’s the universe. that’s us. that’s life. n_n simple! haha~

I’m just crystallizing here. thank you for listening to me.

(talking is one thing, brian. walking is another.)