when the lotus man was young, he was a handsome, wealthy prince. he had it all. money, fame, a big wang, ten crowns, fourteen palaces, and hundreds of slutty harem girls from all over the world, begging to bring him all the nice naughty nasty pleasures of life.

(this story is subtly you and me)

what a nice existence! he thought. every day was a golden day full of beautiful scenes, celebrations, organic pasta, heavenlike music, sexxx. xxxxxx. (sigh if only right)

but one day, strolling down a country road, he saw an old man. age! what! we change with time? a bead of sweat formed on his brow.

he kept walking and saw a man vomiting in a ditch, weeping sores covering his body, black toothless gums.when he saw the prince, he smiled and bowed weakly and vomited. the prince pulled his silky braided perfumed hair in distress. sickness! holy mother of shit!

he fled from the man. and came upon a bunch of homeless people, living with rags for clothes, a leaf or two for a house, rocks for food. their swollen bellies and sharp ribcages, he saw this, them scratching around hungry in the wilderness, and he fell to his knees and wept. Jesusgoddamnit all to hell what the hell is life!? idk even I just cant~

so he turned around and wandered, dazed back home, holding to the memories of his golden palaces and his sluts~

he passed the sick man. he was dead. the young world prince looked at the dead man for a long time. he walked over and sat down in the mud beside the corpse. he touched it. his face an inscrutable, beautiful mask. the sun went down. he sat in darkness there until morning. the sun came up, cool and yellow over the grass, rose to its peak, warmed his skin. wind blew leaves around him. the sun sunk down, turned orange, then blood red and winked out at the horizon. the young prince sat. (this is where you become You, maybe)

at home, the emperor king his father worried. for 3 days he worried for his son. his mighty hands trembled, sweat poured from his forehead his crown often slipped off and crashed to the floor.

finally and mercifully the young prince came walking toward the palace, on the perfectly placed stones, between the rainbow lines of fragrant flowers.

the king emperor shouted in joy, threw open the great golden doors of the palace, and the thousand musician dancer girls came out singing and laughing. diamonds and rose petals were thrown from the heights, all celebrated the return of the world prince.

ah but he never looked up. he couldn’t hear the music or see the beautiful girls waiting for him. (it didn’t feel like home anymore) the diamonds and roses fell right through him, his fathers great laugh was empty and hollow in his ears. with tears streaming from his eyes, he saw his father sick, old, dead. all the pretty maidens were rotting corpses. (we can’t live in happy ignorance once we aren’t ignorant)

he saw all of this, and all the world, as a house of death. he was no longer the world prince: he is the World Redeemer, the Future Buddha. The Triumphant One. and this is his beginning. (and so it is all of our beginnings)

one day, we realize we are living our not life, not following our bliss our deep truth. you should be prince, you should like women and money you should want it. should should not shall shall not blah blah blah.

idk about you, but i think its time i quit my job. and turn my back on the palace. what is a safe comfortable life anyway? a coffin is safe and comfortable. i want my adventure. especially the dangerous one that might kill me!

i know that now. and i want yours for you, too. the dark forest has no path. and this is the best part

you are the hero, you are the world redeemer. you are the future buddha. once you know it, you become You. ❤