he is known as the swimming dragon. to a dragon, air and water are the same.

more like. so! a time traveler can recognize any soul it’s seen before, in the future or past. it’s because a person actually has spiritual eyes, not physical ones. however, the soul won’t understand, if you say: I know you from the future! youre my teacher! my son, my best friend! it is very disruptive. if they happen to be a different gender, eventually the spiritual vision comes and goes, you start to see their temporal form.

this explains things like recognition, maybe deja vu. true love. but! this kind of shit happens to the traveler himself if he meets a person in his family, or another time traveler.

see this could be good.

I have a massive wild idea of a story. it is steeped deeply in time travel, historical fiction twisted together with myth, enlightened beings, god, and most importantly, the reader. the reader will understand, this book, is actually about her. all the universe is about her! (it is all about)

anyway I had to write this down so in would forget because you know

anyway. yes. I’m eating sushi. I have these things written on my whiteboard:

see a thou in all things. not an it. never.

why does reiki work? because you really are god.

why does the law of attraction work? because you are the mystery… ❤

it’s as much fun as Iiiiiii can have! not them. even as observor.

can I keep you?

do you know what faith really is? it is remembering. when you don’t believe.

happiness is re-experiencing parts if yourself. recognition of you in all things.

because Pride is the queen of all sadness: for she is directly separating you from resonating with people, or things, anything. and all things are god!

how sad~

life is adorable beings choosing to face danger. when they decide to follow their hearts. their blisses.

imagine your hero, looking at you with love. they do. for they all answer prayers. for god.

I can ask: musashi what do I do?

and he responds, with love.

(then he inhales, slices a boulder to pieces with his two swords, exhales, and sits down. he sips tea and watches the flashing ripples on the lake.)

the new myth. the 4th wall. time travel. intellectual explanation.

my legs are super sore from capoeira. have any of you tried that? I’m not very good. I don’t have a teacher. I teach myself and feel self conscious. it’s good practice for awkwardness.

don’t be ashamed that you imagine or feel! brian!

there is no outer richness; there is only inner richness.