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the night is its deepest shades of black;  and the hero strikes out~

or he dies. so it is but! don’t we need the deepwater tentacles and corsairs of the void sea? without monsters, what is life but a held breath? but the blank white of canvas. it is anyway i remember i’m not supposed to #try so hard with this. ugh my neck hurts! thank you for listening to me whine haha

effort and god are opposites. exercising agency over the small circle of world around you distances you from #shethelord. you tell her you know better, that you don’t trust her or her universe, and that you will decide how the world turns and the stars burn. #she listens, bursts into tears behind her little ninefingered hands, and vanishes from your life through a chocolate and timesand wormhole to a different whateverthis.

being effortless in life is the heart of taoism. give up exertion. why! control is an illusion, and the world rolls around gently in the palm of #her hand, so why worry and force and labor? this is damaging to the vital breath. all moments secretly vibrate with hidden happinesses as innumerable as the #supercluster itself, for this is a universe made by the nectargolden creative unexistent energy of nothing//stillness//all that is known as god.

worry not! be happy! you cannot fail at life! failing at life is a concept. (the planets and their brown and yellow dwarves are laughing rowdily at us all! for they know you suck at life sometimes (just like me), stroking their glowing beards drinking meteor ale.) uh i get side tracked easily by my silly images. what i meant was:

this world is for you to be happy. that’s it. that’s all! don’t worry about what people think of you, how successful you are supposed to be, how handsome, whatever. oh the “you should be this way” or “don’t be that way” is a trap! its total bullshit is what it is. the insecurities of man shackling you to a life you don’t love. be brave, and then be yourself, so what you love no matter who laughs at you, forgive yourself for making mistakes, for everyone, everyone makes them. the Grand Sage of the Floating Plains once killed an innocent man. and now look at him. do you see? life is where we learn to not suck at life. error is inevitable. and pain is inevitable. control is impossible. surrender and acceptance is best. the world will turn and bleed and smash and laugh, just go along with it, happy that you are you. for like #he says:

the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. ❤