2015-01-20 16.14.52

goddamn james joyce thinks hes so clever: cyclic irish ink stirringandstirring in his wordcauldron, conjuring nonsense for coffeehipster quibblers. great.

society itself can be poisonous, often it is so subtly, invisibly, you’d never know like a cloud of frozen electrons in space may kill us all with violent nail toothed dreamfish. yes he is wonderful but pfft we don’t stab with words. we disappear into them completely. forget all about (briiian) and experience only the dream of ink.<3

fucktionpress //fictionpress always deorganizes my smashedtogethers //smashed togethers. haha i have these little dotted bloodsnakes lying still beneath my experimentings. #anyway!

hi. how are you. today is my third day being hungover. organic vodka shots, torpedo extra IPAS, wing chunning the wing chun dummy, and talking to the four boy kings about oral/anal and beards will take you out! party dragons burndown each other with their funfires their funflames! i think i’m becoming an alcoholic. i drank the prairie from costco and it simply tasted like warm potatoes. oh no ahaha~

I’m slightly censored though, even here. but i’d love to tell you all about she the mermaid and her coralcabin, its waterplace bubbling merrily, little yellow seacats purring and sleeping on the hearth. it is blue and inviting, and secret, and the krill neighbors are fun, the kelp sway and dream, the sidewalk is pearl. eyes like atlantean marble, life is delicious. but oh well.

you are whoever you are and that’s wonderful. do not be fooled by the illusion of normalcy! today. the tendrils of nightspace call for your soul’s dismemberment, for perfection and gold requires melting and reassembling. from the arcane wilderness of the holographic galaxy, a gentle hand reaches for yours. her giggle floats through space–

rustling just behind the veil of reality, she clutches her knees tightly and watches. her supernova heart racing. in love with you~