how do you remember your nature?

like this: love yourself, forgive yourself and others. be humble. be grateful. enjoy what you encounter. tell the truth. help others. give up agency. be happy. you have no reason to not be.

prayer is helpful, if you are down for it. not everyone is comfortable with this, speaking to the universe as if it listens. because she does.

meditation is effective. quieting all those thoughts within–it takes practice–creates space. it creates stillness. like ripples on a lake, your incessant thoughts obscure your depths. but if you wait, and find stillness, the ripples subside, and your brightness shines through. but it takes practice. our thoughts have a mind of their own and they are loud and convincing. aren’t they?

it must be more fun!

to remember your nature, please cease being a huge egotistical asshat of doom, that’ll help more than anything.

hmmm almost it would be better to explain the concept of unity//separation as the movement between happiness and suffering.

this is a large project. maybe this is what writing thousands of lines of code feels like.

here is a secret: you are praying all the time. for the nature of the universe is the eyes and ears and the heart of god is everywhere, and she is always listening to wishes, and effortlessly weaving your dreams into the Grand Dream that is our reality. this is the law of attraction, and it works by prayer.


well, the basis of the multiverse is consciousness, and the nature of what we see is a dreamlike thing, with no fixed nature. the fabric itself is entirely formless and isn’t there, and yet it keeps one attribute i suppose: consciousness. our consciousness is exactly this same thing. we are limited by our human form and mind, but just how a wave is a limited form, water is a formless thing, and is always the deeper nature of the wave. and the deeper nature of the water is the sea. the sea is secretly stardust. and stardust was originally nothing from nowhere:

it doesn’t get more dreamlike than that. do not be fooled! or troubled, by this world. to take it seriously is the beginning; to laugh more and more is the road; to see the ten thousand things as one and ascend into the sky is the end.

all this fancy nonsense is nothing if it doesn’t cheer you up. the only value to knowledge is in it’s ability to clarify life for you, and help you develop a perspective which makes you stronger, more patient, more effective. hmmm

it is true: you are what you think.

it is also true: you cannot love anyone until you love yourself.

these are common pieces of the advice puzzle. their truth is deep, it is cosmic. funny how no one listens. truly there is no secret to being happy. often it is merely your ego making excuses, making you lazy, that keeps you from it.